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Originally Posted by Ligeia View Post
The problem with Ron Paul is more fundamental. If you look at the issues that really matter to him (like drug legalization, reducing Imperialistic impulses, change of monetary policy), he has hardly made even the tiniest bit of headway. Whether he is right or not, he obviously cannot convince the people that matter. On top of that, you have almost 3 decades of failed Presidency attempts and someone who occasionally shows signs of seriously conservative social justice (like if you've ever heard him talk about sensitive race issues or abortion), which are arguably the least tenable sorts of things to be conservative about (unlike, say, economics).

Bachmann and Palin will not win the Rep nomination because neither has the slightest chance in hell of winning the election. Although he has some problems with the Republican base (on medicare and climate change, in particular), I still think Romney is their best shot at winning.

Regardless of who wins the Presidential race, you can expect that much of the focus will be on cutting spending from a centralized (ie. Federal) government, which is the antithesis of Western European government (and herein I include essentially all countries that put a strong focus on combining capitalist enterprise with socialist welfare like public education, health care, employment insurance, etc).
I'm a bit late, but please forgive me if what I say has already been addressed. I haven't the time yet to fully read this thread, but I feel strongly enough to contribute here.

I actually love Ron Paul's resume of the past three decades. You point it out as failure, but I believe it's more indicative of him never being involved in 'politics as usual' over the course of 30+ years. And while that's one of the prime slogans Obama used to get elected in '08 (and used Biden, who like Ron Paul also was a true outsider to politricks, to gain cred in that area), Ron Paul has decades of proof of it. OTOH, Obama, having no proof to show he's not involved in 'politics as usual,' proved within his first month in office that he's not at all what he campaigned he is, breaking campaign promises in his first month in office in giving tax breaks to the wealthy and letting the CEO's mainly responsible for the '08 financial collapse get off w/juss a 'slap on the wrist.' He has also since proved in the 2.5yrs in office that he's truly juss another head in 'politics as usual' - of course, a more driven & deceptive one. We were all juss duped b/c the Bush Admin was THAT bad and Obama appeared (and campaigned) to be THAT different; America & the world being so desperate for someone not like Bush (which McCain was campaigning like) that they didn't look into Obama backing up his claim of being different........when Ron Paul had that resume all along.

W/all that in mind, I sincerely hope & pray that Ron Paul wins the Republican nomination, and then wins the 2012 bid for President of USA. This is the 1st time in my life that I genuinely want a Republican to win office (though to be fair, I wasn't at all alive when Eisenhower was in office ). I really feel he has the financial mind, social mind (as in understanding various cultures within the population), and resolve (character) to get things done - getting America's economy on the way up for real. After studying him since 2008, I feel he's head and shoulders above the rest.
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