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the house comment was tongue in cheek and not really related to the rest at all. that should be obvious.
It wasn't

i tried to respond to your comment, but as i said, i didn't understand what you are asking. i have never shied away from responding to you benzo. this is most certainbly not what usually happens. re-phrase and i will be happy to get to it.
Doesn't matter

i didn't defend the tax code, i defended higher taxes. that doesn't mean it is perfect in the precise way that it is arranged.
They are one and the same, I wont get into a philosophical debate on higher taxes without knowing their effect.

-the bike lanes had nothing to do with income tax, and if i remember correctly, you indicated your intention to vote for the guy that promised to get rid of the lanes.
I did, I still think its stupid. DO I have to agree with everything my elected official does?

-the rich are probably the loudest small group in canada. should we ignore them?
Its unions, and some of them are rich sure

the last sentence is such a gross exaggeration and oversimplification that i don't even know how to get into it. there are situations in which waste occurs, certainly, but that's just a ridiculous point to make. 'all they do is waste money' - like by building roads and hospitals and schools and such? we need these things. we can argue with government that they need to be better about being efficient, but business hasn't exactly made these things work well for your average or your poor canadian either.
Agreed, it was an exaggeration

again, i never defended the intricacies of our tax code. there are problems with it. you are in a tough spot - the same one that my family was in when i was growing up, and pretty much the same one i am in right now - the bottom end of the highest bracket. that is problematic. but that doesn't mean that high taxes are bad. those are two separate issues that each compose part of a massive question about taxation.
Again, I can't separate the 2, "Higher taxes are good" is impossible to assert when not knowing how they are enforced.

if you think that would be better for you, go right ahead.
Thats the problem, too many people do. One more person leaching, one less giving.
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