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Originally Posted by 'trane View Post
so if i left that part off would you try to debate or would you just bail when it gets down to the nitty gritty? this is what usually happens.
It's a not debatable argument, if you can toss out "I guess you didn't need a bigger house"

You didn't adress any of my concerns , just went off on your own rant "this is what usually happens".

How can you defend a system, that has me making more money, and taking home less than I did before.

Tax me less, take the money you do get from me and spend it wisely, don't make fucking bike lanes and then take them away, dont support the interest of small loud groups, just for votes. I am a supporter of less government, because all they do is waste my money.

Protect the weak, make the vulnerable secure, improve infrastructure; do not use me as a piggy bank. You are happy to pay taxes, I am happy to pay some, all I know is the harder I work 17hours a day these days, the more travelling I do, all to provide a better standard of living to my family is becoming impossible, becaue when it finally pays off , they take me right back to were I started.

Why should I even bother? I would be better off taking 50k a year, leaving my wife at home and enjoying government subsidy right now instead of working my ass off to better my situation.

It's broken.
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