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Bill Haverchuck,

When I refer to America I meant it's the country that presents the most economic opportunities. Of course no nation can satisfy all of their citizens (maybe North Korea if people can't voice dissent). So yea, there will always be dissidents from a 300,000,000 populace. I don't want to discuss personal experiences because it may not be representative but I believe that you can succeed financially, at least to middle class, in the U.S. with enough persistence. You can also become wealthy through salary positions. If you want make money in Europe for example you pretty much need to be an executive or run your own business. There are a lot of Lithuanians on this forum and if their college age then half of their peers traveled overseas in search of work. Ask them. The U.S. is not as much a old-school boy network as other countries. We also provide so many opportunities to minorities, immigrants, etc. We have a legal framework to do so. Germany is Europe's powerhouse but they discriminate outsiders on these lines (aside Turks perhaps).

To argue against myself, wealth is relative. A college friend of mine works with bonds and made $175k last year. Both of us being from NY makes me feel poor. The more frustrating part is that there are other people in finance who are younger then us and make marginally more money (by working in sales and just being really good at it). If I lived in Lithuania I would be more satisfied making 30k a year because I would be in a higher bracket for my age.

You guys didn't like my economic point about incentives but here's another one. A man was asked if he would be more happy to make 80K if his neighbor made 90k, or if he made 70k if his neighbor made 60k. He answered that he would be happier making 70k. (I think this was from Dan Ariely's book).

Lastly I have August off bc I'm taking pre-MBA classes.. will be a part-time student by month's end so my employer is allowing me to do it. Plus business is slow in August and my boss is traveling all month. I still have to do some work from home.
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