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Jeff you need to get this out of your head that the wealthy don't pay taxes. The VAST MAJORITY of them do... and they pay a ridiculously high amount.

Most of the uber-wealthy that didn't pay any taxes likely enjoyed that benefit because they opened a business and hired x Americans, donated substantial amounts to charities, etc. The number of uber wealthy people that hide their wealth in the Cayman Islands or Switzerland is MINUSCULE. Seriously, 1000 very wealthy people didn't pay taxes in a country populated with 300,000,000 people, so what... it's not that simple. You make it sound like it's some conspiracy and that a lot of wealthy people hide their money from the government. That's not true whatsoever.

Income inequality is part of capitalism. Money begets money... so what. The economy grows and everyone benefits, including the poor. 50 years ago no poor person could get a loan. Seriously you could live in the hood and you would have a higher quality of life then a monarch of a European country in the 16th century. You'd be lucky to live to 40...

Several years ago there was an article about Warren Buffett paying less taxes then his secretary... is that bad? Buffett allocates capital wisely and helps employ people... helps make products cheaper for the consumer, etc.

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