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Originally Posted by 6cubed View Post
Ron Paul has a lot of unconventional views and its tough to cherry pick the bad ones.... such as evolution.
It's important. It speaks to his competency and critical thinking skills. How do you expect somebody to make sound policy decisions related to science and technology, when they are a dumbass?

What's potentially worse, is that it's possible he's just too scared to admit he accepts evolution. If that is the case, so much for the claims about him being willing to go against the grain of right wing Christian douchebagery that has infiltrated the Republican platform in recent years. Ron Paul is not above being a pandering tool. I suspect his visits to the Alex Jones show are, in part, an attempt to tap into the far right, libertarian kook/conspiracy vote.

I think it was poorly worded.
Lame excuse. He said he doesn't believe in evolution. He's an embarrassment to the medical profession, and not worthy of a serious person's vote.

I'm an atheist (maybe agnostic)
They're not mutually exclusive. Atheism deals with belief. Agnosticism deals with knowledge. You can lack belief in God, without claiming to know 100% for sure that God does not exist. In fact, Agnostic atheism (weak atheism) is the most honest position. It appears as though you're a weak atheist. Hey, look at that! We might agree! :cookie:

I lack belief, but do not make claims about God's existence. I might joke about God not existing, but deep down I know that I do not have the answer. I also know that any human who tries to tell me that he/she has any clue about what God wants (if God exists) is also almost certainly full of total shit. Especially the people who go into detail. So, yeah, a huge chunk of the planet is full of crap.

and to discuss the role of God is really a question no one can honestly answer (although I strongly believe in evolution).
If you're a theist, whether it be Christian, Muslim or Jew, and you have a fucking brain, the correct answer is:

"I accept evolution and believe in God. Contrary to what some people think, the two positions are not mutually exclusive."

That is what an intelligent person of faith says. Anybody with critical thinking skills worthy of leading the United States could come up with that simple fucking answer. It's an embarrassment to science and all thinking people that we still have fucking clowns who deny the systems of knowledge that have given so much to us.

All kinds of theists, especially those outside of America, believe in God while also accepting evolution. Religious faith is not a legitimate excuse for denying evolution, unless you're an idiot and/or an extremist.

Overall he's the best candidate imo.
I'm not the least bit surprised that you'd say that. You've got the personality of a Paul supporter.

Setting the financial house in order is the main goal and he would be the Michael Jordan of that.
You mean that Paul is going to use Austrian economics to turn America into a deeper shit hole, just like Jordan mismanaged the Bobcats.

Ligeia, Romney is one of the more sane Republican candidates.
I'm sure he's thrilled to have your blessing.

I still don't think a Mormon is going to beat Obama.
In 2007, did people think a black dude was going to be president? Did they even think he would defeat Hillary to win the Democratic nomination?

Also, the candidates of both parties will campaign on a platform of smaller government, less taxes and so forth, but when they're in office they will spend and increase the power of the executive branch.

I'm an American citizen so it's very frustrating.
I feel bad for other Americans. I don't really feel sorry for you, because ...
Democrats spend on social programs to subsidize the losers of society.
You sound like a jerk.
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