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The problem with Ron Paul is more fundamental. If you look at the issues that really matter to him (like drug legalization, reducing Imperialistic impulses, change of monetary policy), he has hardly made even the tiniest bit of headway. Whether he is right or not, he obviously cannot convince the people that matter. On top of that, you have almost 3 decades of failed Presidency attempts and someone who occasionally shows signs of seriously conservative social justice (like if you've ever heard him talk about sensitive race issues or abortion), which are arguably the least tenable sorts of things to be conservative about (unlike, say, economics).

Bachmann and Palin will not win the Rep nomination because neither has the slightest chance in hell of winning the election. Although he has some problems with the Republican base (on medicare and climate change, in particular), I still think Romney is their best shot at winning.

Regardless of who wins the Presidential race, you can expect that much of the focus will be on cutting spending from a centralized (ie. Federal) government, which is the antithesis of Western European government (and herein I include essentially all countries that put a strong focus on combining capitalist enterprise with socialist welfare like public education, health care, employment insurance, etc).
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