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Originally Posted by Superjudge View Post
There are deeper set psychological Issues that this type of behaviour can indicate. As I said, he acted like a spoiled brat, just move on. But, should you wanna look deeper into this, it's very troubling to see a guy, who you may hang a franchise tag on act in such a childish way for not getting his way at the end of a pick up league game. (yes, drew league is about that good, it ain't NBA action).

If any of you are interested in the study of sports psychology and follow it a bit you'll know where I'm coming from. Passion is fine, but it's more about acceptance of failure. Here's the scenario;

- Game down to one shot. NBA star wants ball and expects ball as he is NBA star.
- Gets ball, lessor opponent gets position, and he fails. Cue tantrum.

Who was he mad at? The official.


Because the official made a call that showed Demar to have made a mistake in both decision making and execution. He was embarrassed. His ego, which is far too fragile clearly, could not accept defeat.

This is troubling because no true "great player" fails to accept defeat. Ever. They accept it, they move forward, and they prepare for the next time they are faced with a similar scenario so they can change the outcome in their favour. Our guys placed all blame as far from himself as he could, emphatically.

I worry that he may not mature past this. If he cannot, he will never attain anything more than "average" status at the top level.
This thinking extends to all sports, hell, all things in life. Poor character and insecurity won't cut it.

So, I hope our young Gun can work through this stuff and come out the other end a grown man more focused on accepting his failures, and putting the time in to limit making the same mistakes twice.

Thatís a pro.
All he did was throw the ball across the fym, how do you know that was frustration towards the ref?? It could also come down to he was the star of the game and he couldnt get it done for his team, which could also mean he was just frustrated at him self for not being able to do it
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