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whole nations were suddenly in the same situation as the san mateo, unable to buy with their paper money and coins, or their written promises to pay later, even the barest essentials. persons with anything life sustaining to sell, fellow citizens as well as foreigners, were refusing to exchange their goods for money. they were suddenly saying to people with paper representations of wealth, "wake up you idiots! whatever made you think paper was so valuable?"

there was still plenty of food and fuel and so on for all the human beings on the planet, as numerous as they had become, but millions upon millions of them were starving to death now. the healthiest of them could go without food for only about forty days, and then death would come.

and this famine was as purely a product of oversize brains as beethoven's ninth symphony.

it was all in people's heads. people had simply changed their opinions of paper wealth, but, for all practical purposes, the planet might well have been knocked out of orbit by a meteor the size of luxembourg.

this financial crisis... was simply the latest in a series of murderous twentieth century catastrophes which had originated entirely in human brains. from the violence people were doing to themselves and each other, and to all other living things, for that matter, a visitor from another planet might have assumed the environment had gone haywire, and that the people were in such a frenzy because nature was about to kill them all.

but the planet a million years ago was as moist and nourishing as it is today - an unique, in that respect, in the entire milky way. all that changed was people's opinion of the place.

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