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Originally Posted by Superjudge View Post
Um.... You know, I would have had Jordan in the top five minimum. Behind the 'Be like mike", behind the championships, behind it all he was a douchebag of a teammate. The guy basically started the "Me first" revolution. Hev never gave credit, and when they lost, he tore up his mates like mad.

Anyone here who HASN"T read "The Jordan Rules" needs to. The guy was a bastard.

Read this....

RealGM • View topic - "Jordan Rules" book Jordan "Quotes"
I call bullshit, homeboy. For real. I'll explain my POV. Perhaps it could be considered conjecture, but then it'd be no more conjecture than what you've said citing your documents. I tend to think what I've to write is more believable about'em.

Micheal went to college @ UNC, playing under legendary coach Dean Smith (who was building his legend way before MJ got there), and played with guys like James Worthy, Sam Perkins, Brad Daugherty, Kenny Smith & Joe Wolf. Those guys were all team-1st guys who MJ cut his teeth with. He developed his work ethic, team first mentality (Re: look @ MJ's college numbers; total team guy) and further enhanced his unmatched competitive drive unto winning an NCAA championship there.

What I interpret upon reading the Jordan rules (a great read, and I actually agree with all of it; and I'm not saying that b/c he was the best, but b/c I've seen those guys play in the 90s, and wondered why they weren't better myself) is that when he got to the pros, he didn't see anything close to the discipline that he & his UNC teammates had, and thus took a stand. And if folk claim he's an asshole b/c of it, fuck'em. Who's to say MJ didn't use the 'kid-gloves' before he asserted himself? It's not like any of MJ's children are mal-adjusted to society or their craft b/c of him; most likely b/c they understood their pops discipline.

How do you know he never gave his teammates credit? Did Scottie Pippen or Charles Oakley ever say that? Unless it's from them, I'll take whatever anyone else says w/a grain of salt. Scottie & Charles were the best guys he ever played with, exhibiting the same attitude Jordan brought, respectively within their roles. But judging by Jordan's game, character & UNC pedigree, I'm not buying any 'Me-first' claim about MJ. Cuz then me & my brother are the same way, as we too were raised to say 'fuck off' to ppl who aren't pulling their weight. It's done well for my brother, as he's a CFO now for a company under Roper Industries. He's as unafraid as MJ of giving folk under him (and even over him) his lip if he sees they're not 'bringing it.'

And let's remember, Jerry Krause, the Bulls GM back then, was one of the biggest hacks in the industry. I'll never forget when I saw in a TV interview, him seeking as much credit as MJ & Pippen for the Bulls championship runs. And Jerry Reidsdorf, the Bulls owner, isn't much better. The only folk in the industry who respect him are those who as dirty as he is. Juss showin you all this to show a fuller scope of MJ's frustration during his playing career.

Originally Posted by Ammo View Post
Where did "I'm a starter, I don't come off the bench.", "We're talking about practice?", off to jail agian, baby momma drama Iverson finish? He played hard, but he should have been first.
No way man. Allen's the most misunderstood NBA player of the last 20yrs (and when exactly did he spend time in jail during his NBA career? And even that conviction he had before Georgetown was based on funny evidence, last time I checked).

That whole media mocking Allen "we talking about practice?" was nothing but the collective media sticking up for one of their incompetent hacks who asked a silly question when Allen was already riled up about something. And if you don't believe that these media cocksuckin hacks all cover for eachother when they fuck up, then ask yourself howcome not one media member ever bothered to ask Allen's point of view? Instead, they juss ran with the bullshit they did, dickin down Allen in the process b/c he went off on some hack who was asking for it (and really, Allen wasn't even going off at him; he was trying to keep his anger internal, and thus mocked the question, not the hack asking it - of course the hack took it personally and his network obliged therafter).

Really, if they bothered to ask Allen's POV, they'd understand that in practice you work on TEAM offensive drills and TEAM defensive drills; but in Allen's role with the 76ers back then, due to Larry Brown's coaching & the roster dynamics, Allen's ROLE on offense was the primary scorer & playmaker (thus the ball was in his hands most of the time, only moving without it sometimes, and him being smart enough to know where doubles are coming from w/o further practice) and is ROLE on defense was that of wreaking havoc playing passing lanes (another aspect which isn't built upon further practice, once you've been doing it for as many yrs as Allen had been). They weren't working on any creative offensive schemes or defensive schemes that'd change his role. Thus, had anyone investigated that, then the whole media circus of Allen saying "We talkin about practice?" would've NEVER happend. Rather, if someone in the media would've investigated it, folk mocking Allen would be known as the hacks they are, mocking him by for something he didn't even mean in the way they portrayed it.

Anyways, that whole '25 worst teammates in history' is a poorly written article/slideshow. The only one I agree with wholeheartedly is Latrell Sprewell. Everything else juss goes to show how dumb the writer is (especially w/how he opened it against MJ - as a president of the Wizards, not even as a player). Or perhaps it was a rushed article, pressure on him by his bosses to put out something during the lockout. Gotta lay blame somewhere, I guess.

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