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Originally Posted by LX View Post
Oh yeah - they can. A friend of my brother worked for Parks Canada in BC. One day he saw a guy putting his small child on the back of a juvenile bear that had likely been fed by people regularly. The park employee flipped out on the guy and shrieked, "are you fucking crazy?". She lost her job for using profanity when this idiot complained.

You have people jumping into animal confinements at zoos. And tourists doing shit like giving asian monkeys a bottle of water, and then trying to get it back when they see them having trouble opening it. I mean why would the monkeys fuck you up when you're just trying to help?

There is a massive difference to how people see, and interact with nature now as opposed to when I was a kid. And nature itself has been so completely hybridized and effected by us while we continue to lose more and more of an understanding of what life is like beyond the latest status update texted on Facebook while sitting in Starbucks. Nature is something we watch on TV now. And that's probably not even done so much anymore, outside of shark week. And irrational fear, or an irrational, careless, lack of fear or respect of the wild, has swamped so much of a basic understanding that was there when it was more of a part of our lives.
I'd go the other way and say it's much better these days. When you think about the circus shows in the 20's and 30's and the state of zoos before there was a change in thinking. I mean, 30 years ago I was probably making a 'dump run' with my family up in Huntsville to drop our garbage off and watch bears frolick in the trash from the safety of our Volvo. We just didn't understand that it was a problem. And everyone up there did it.

People have always been at times stupid. You just hear about every incident these days. And I bet way more people go camping - true camping where they get an understanding and develop a respect for nature - now than they did when we were young.
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