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Originally Posted by jeffb View Post
So you have no problem with the mayor of this city talking on his cell phone while driving and deciding to flip the bird to this woman and her child after they point out that he shouldn't endanger them or anyone else by talking on his cell while driving and that he's breaking the law? Not to mention his overall history of questionable behaviour and obvious temper. How can this tubby who can barely fit in the driver's seat not have a bluetooth?

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Sorry but I used to do traffic control as a job (the dude who holds the stop/slow sign in construction zones) And theres policeman, fireman, city officals, other people of importance who ALL do it, acting like its only him, or at least the only person of "importance" that does it is a laugh, theres TONS of people that still do it.

I'm in no way saying its right to do, but personally I don't give a damn if someone talks on their phone, its the idiot drivers that cause problems.

Honestly if giving someone the finger gets people that riled up, then thats just funny, as I said, don't roll down your window to bitch at someone just because you don't like what that person's doing, you're just creating whatever problem happens after.
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