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Originally Posted by LX View Post
The guy is running the city into the ground and this is what we get for a big news story?

The real story is that he spent 3 mill on fucking consultants to find the gravy that was so apparent to Ford during his campaign that he could assure us that it would allow for his subway plans and getting rid of unpopular forms of taxation without any major cuts. The consultants just happen to be the same guys that provided Harris with evidence of "efficiencies" that could be utilized under amalgamation, going against a good deal of evidence that said otherwise. Now they have their chance to reveal those efficiencies, and also make all that gravy that Ford ranted about apparent to us all, and for 3 million bucks we get ideas about cutting back on cops, health services, libraries, waste diversion, and snow removal. Nothing major there. And all of that made necessary due to Miller's surplus being splurged in a heartbeat. Meanwhile very good civil servants have been forced out, if they didn't run out the door themselves, because the main impetus is to agree with the mayor twins rather than give them the facts. The dude used up his political capital by taking an inexplicable stance against the pride festivities, and it's going to be interesting to see how effective his bully tactics take him when it comes to balancing his utter disaster of a budget. It's going to be a long 4 years yet. And the story we get is about his road rage? Wow - who knew he had a temper?
Well said but you missed also that voted against every social spending issue put to council. Including elderly care, woman's shelters, out reach to dis placed children, all so he can say he didn't raise taxes. Yet found 200,000 in a blink to remove existing bike lines that were only put in last year.

The one thing that isn't being discussed is how much per person it would cost to keep all these services. I for one would rather be tossing money back to keep unionized labour alive in Toronto. Then seeing families completely dismantled because privatization is cheaper for the city.

Every thing about these guys is so short sighted. They are so selfishly committed to their suburban vision and some unseen target number.
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