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Originally Posted by shittytrader View Post
Word. Everyone on this site seems to suggest playground bball team setups where the first people chosen for a team are people who can drive. Get rid of Bargnani and all of a sudden the offense is about driving to the net. All the defense needs to do is clog the paint. Right at this moment, barely anyone can stretch the defense, except Bargnani. How much worse will the Raptors offense change if Bargnani were gone? I know the argument will be made that we can get new players who can, but it seems that any player suggested is another slasher. I'm all for slashers, only if the opposing defense is spread.

I said it before, Bosh was great in his last year here because Bargnani stretched the defense and he was able to get to the paint easily. How many times have you seen opposing centres come out to guard Bargnani in the perimeter? In Miami's case, Bosh is kind of like Bargnani in offense because he does hang out at near the perimeter at times. Doesn't hurt that they have some solid 3pt shooters as well. This opened up lanes for Wade and Lebron to get to the rim with ease.

At the moment, out of the 'core' we have:
Davis: who has no offensive game outside of 5 feet from the basket
DD: shot improving, but still relies mostly on driving. not a 3pt threat at all
Amir: similar to Davis, but better shot
Bayless: decent 3pt shot, but not reliable
JJ: not a perimeter threat

Bargnani: one of the most versatile scorers in the league, he just wasn't used properly. Yes, his defense is atrocious but hopefully a proper centre and Casey will somehow change it or at least get him more motivated.

So basically it's a team that will rely on slashing if Bargnani is gone. Add Josh Smith to the mix, it's even more so. Not say it's bad, but I'm saying that slashing is not as effective without perimeter threats. Slashing is definitely effective when you can draw opposing bigs away from the basket and Bargnani is one of the few people who can effectively do that in this league.

As much as I think davis has been great for the raptors, if Raptors have a chance to get a similar player with size that can play centre and let Bargnani go back to PF, I say go for it.

I know people like to see flashy dunks all day, but enough with the playground bball and its focus on individual play. it's time for NBA level strategies... a team game
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