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Originally Posted by pzabby View Post
ive been told both sides. some people say its better to go to the ivy league for your undergrad to build your connections from the ground up, and some say its better to finish with the ivy yet they haven't really gave me reasons why. why do you say that?
Firstly, because undergrad is undergrad. Really, it doesn't mean that much if you plan on doing an advanced degree (regardless of what any guidance councilor tells you). I have an acquaintance who is at the top of her profession (a very lucrative business profession) and went to Nipissing.

Plus, the cost (I know it's not a big deal, but hey, saving your parents some time and money is always a good thing) over 4 years is worth it.

For grad school, heading to the US (or overseas, don't rule out great schools like University of Warwick for instance), allows you to enter into better conversations (for lack of a better term). You're closer to the power players in academics, if you're going to a larger, more prestegious school, more companies are paying attention to you since you're part of a smaller pool (not part of the large number of undergrads). You're closer to donors as well.

But yeah, do not discount Canadian schools (something that's typical). McGill is very well respected school internationally. I recommend going to check it out and contact staff (if possible) there to talk to them.

Just going to an ivy league school, doesn't mean that much. Trust me, there's a lot of really dumb kids there who have parents with really good connections.
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