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Originally Posted by pzabby View Post
hopefully my guidance counsellor can be of actual use for once as well.
That's one of the things I wanted to mention. If this is something you're strongly committed to pursuing, then you should make an appointment with your guidance counsellor and go over a specific set of questions. For starters, the cost of attending such schools and how to fund it. That conversation, of course, could have huge implications for how you approach the SATs.

But there are a number of other things you should be talking to him/her about.

Originally Posted by Claudius View Post
Personally, I'd try to get into a canadian school first, get to grad school and then decide if the ivy league is worth it.
This is an excellent point. In fact, I noticed in another thread that pzabby is interested in law school and business. If he decides to go the business route, it might be better to just go to a Canadian school for undergrad, and if things go well, then think about pursuing the MBA degree at an Ivy school, if he feels it's worth it.

Law is a different issue. If pzabby plans to work in Canada, I see no reason to go to the states for any degree, especially the law degree, since it will cost a motherfucking fortune, and the costs will far out weigh the benefits (assuming he wants to work in Canada). There are some huge differences between law schools in Canada and the U.S, and there are some huge differences between the respective legal job markets of each country. In my opinion, the only reason to go to an American law school would be if he wanted to work in the States. And, even in that scenario, it's not automatically the best decision, because McGill, U of T, and Osgoode are all cheaper than an Ivy school, yet can still open doors in New York, Boston, and California (assuming you get good grades, but grades are also an issue if you went to an Ivy school - you don't automatically get employed in the market of your choice just because you went to an Ivy)
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