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Originally Posted by rapsmannn View Post
Bargs has proven to get better at something every year, obviously no dirk never will be but what Bargs is a dangerous scorer who can open the court for others,

i actually believe he is a better than he gets credit for,

the enviroment here might be to toxic for him here, if hwere going to trade him why not now if we can get maximum value for him, i could see chicago try to get him,

any team that wants to beat the heat should try to trade for him, no one on miami can guard him, actually most of the league cant, what hurts him is whats goes on at the other end of the floor
I don't think anyone has made a better observation on what is the egnima called Bargnani, than you just did. Throughout the series and even last night in particular, they must of said close to 20 times that if Dallas is to win, Dirk has got to rebound the ball better. He still ended up with 10 rebounds which is about double Bargnani's season average. If Bargnani is ever going to be considered a truly elite player he needs to figure out how to fix that aspect of his game. If anything last year was a regression in that allready poor aspect of his game.

Bargnani is never going to be a true Dirk. For all the credit we give him about his mobility, the fact is he's still significantly more cumbersome than Dirk. Dirk is slimmer, more wirey and has quicker co-ordination that allows him to do more, laterally, as well as do things like dive on the floor for loose balls and actually get back up before the other team gets more than a few steps on him. Dirk is hugely better at shooting while in motion, Andrea's strength is more his spot up shooting and strength in close while rolling to the basket. He has trouble making shots while in motion to the basket, he seems to shoot everything way too strong when in motion.

Dirk is also significantly tougher. I watch Andrea play and all i see is someone who, given a choice, shies away from contact. It looks to me like he's allways trying to protect his face and is afraid someone might give him a bloody lip or black eye. I think if we put a mask on him, to protect his face, his toughness level would shoot up 100%. He's going to continue to grow physically and will lose even more of the mobility he has now. He's got to start playing like that, start putting that physical size advantage and strength to it's proper use.

Hopefully Andrea figures it out, because as strictly a scorer, he can be elite, but as the fans saw this year, scoring is only a small part of what it takes to be a champion.

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