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Guys, the reason Barbosa leaves is that first it is a player option, so he will likely not take it. He is a veteran in the league and teams like the Lakers who might need a back SG will go after him. He will be getting calls from title contenders. As for Jose, i personally don't see us getting rid of him this year. He will stay as we have no clue who will be available at the number 5 pick (assuming we don't move up). We have no clue what the cap will look like with the new CBA and with players "only" taking up 4.6 million like Klieza while being marginal contributors if they can EVEN PLAY is a huge blow. That is 4.6 million dollars down the drain. As for Julian Wright, i want his ass gone. He refused the coach's orders to get his bench warming ass in the game. That 4 million with the qualifying over is awful for a player like him. The Raptors should look to cut some salary so they can have flexibility in the future to sign young guys like DD and Ed Davis (this team's future at the PF and future all-star). As for Evans, i really don't see any team going after him with more than 2 million a year MAX. He has been injured the past 2 years, ageing veteran with no Offensive game. That 5 million he is getting is ridiculous and i don't ever see him getting that kind of money away.

I would much rather have space by dumping Kleiza, Julian wright and giving Reggie a smaller contract if he wants to stay and have a shot at guys like Thaddeus Young, Marc Gasol, Wilson Chandler. Even though it is a small hope, you never know. Plus the less money we have to spend on useless players, the less money the MLSE or who ever the new owner has to pay, the better for fans as we won't have to hear about "raising ticket prices" or Raptors leaving town because "of poor financial situation" (as little as those scenarios maybe, you never know)

As for Jose and Primo pasta boy (he is not a man), i would love it if we can get some talent for those guys and free up that 20 million. If we do that, then who cares about Linas's contract ( i agree with that). But knowing the raptors, those guys are sticking around for one more year atleast.
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