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X-Men: First Class

have to be honest and say it was a big Meh for me...i enjoyed it, but there were just too many annoying things for me to give this film high marks

why Havok and not Cyclops ?...made no sense
where was Iceman, Jean Grey and Angel ?...(original First Class line-up)
since when did Hank McCoy develop "Flash like" speed ???
everytime i looked at Banshee i saw Rupert Grint from Harry Potter (annoying as hell)
Emma Frost....dull, dull, dull
Angel Salvadore...was there seriously any need for this C-list character at all ??
Moira MacTaggert...she's NOT CIA, she's a Noble Prize winning geneticist

so many other little things that bugged the hell out of me when watching this

that being said, the performances of McAvoy and Fassbender were excellent...Bacon's portrayal of Shaw was very good as well
if not for these 3 then i think this film would probably have been a major fail

i can't give it anymore than a 7/10
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