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Well I saw a lot of movies recently so rather than describe each I'll just link the IMDB.

Lincoln Lawyer - The Lincoln Lawyer (2011) - IMDb

I thought this movie was awesome, I was told beforehand that it was a good movie from a friend. Really enjoyed it start to finish, and couldn't quite predict what was going to happen 100% like I usually can. Recommend this movie to anyone!

Rango - Rango (2011) - IMDb

Well I knew what this movie was kinda, but never really read about it much beforehand. I think partly I wasn't really in the movie mood when I wanted this, but for some reason I didn't like it, not that it was a bad movie, I just didn't like it for no apparent reason (like I said I just think I wasn't in the mood to see a movie.) Felt like I kept waiting for a laugh I never got.

Limitless - Limitless (2011) - IMDb

Surprisingly I had never even heard of this movie before I watched it, and givin what the description on IMDB said I wasn't too keen on watching it right away, but I did. Too say the least I liked this movie A LOT, had a good story, had good twists and overall had good acting. Starting to like Bradley Cooper more and more as an actor, outside of the hangover movies.

Hangover 2 - The Hangover Part II (2011) - IMDb

Well this movie was awesome, I loved the first one and loved this one too. Not much more to say than that.

Fast Five - Fast Five (2011) - IMDb

I was never a huge fan of these movies because of the way they butchered the physics and reality of cars and what they can do... and the garbage nonsense words they threw around thinking it was actually real. BUT I actually liked this fast & furious a lot.

The Speed Of Thought - The Speed of Thought (2011) - IMDb

Wasn't sold on this movie at first, and still wasn't a huge fan at the end, but it was still worth the watch and wasn't a bad movie. But wasn't huge on it. Regardless worth a watch.

Hall Pass - Hall Pass (2011) - IMDb

This movie had so much potential to be better than it actually was with different actors. Hell even more potential with the actors it had. It was an all right movie but some parts were really really lame. BUT the very end of the movie made me burst out laughing because givin the same situation, I'd of done the same thing (and by end I mean like the last 3 minutes of the movie) It was worth a watch for sure though as it had its moments.

Cedar Rapids - Cedar Rapids (2011) - IMDb

Another movie I had never heard of prior to watching it, and I have to say other than a few spots this movie sucked. Thats all there is to say.

Thor - Thor (2011) - IMDb

Got pretty much what I was expecting out of this movie, huge Marvel fan. Could of been better, but considering Hollywood almost never does anything right, it wasn't too bad at all. Was well worth the watch.

Vanishing on 7th street - Vanishing on 7th Street (2010) - IMDb

They had a really cool idea to this movie, but I either missed something in the middle (possible) or they really fucked this movie up bad... I won't say how in case I just totally missed it. If I didn't thought, this movie was complete garbage and I'm pissed I watched it.

If someone watches this movie and wants me to explain what I mean feel free, but I'd like to not ruin it in case someone wants to watch it. Which I'd recommend because if I did miss what I think I did, its a good movie.

And last but not least!

I am number 4 - I Am Number Four (2011) - IMDb

Didn't know a whole lot about the movie but was told it was a good movie. Wasn't quite what I expected but was a good movie regardless, had good twists and decent acting, was worth the watch.

Well I told you I saw a lot movies but this was over like the last month, and I watch tons of movies, could of actually thrown more in but decided not to. I might later on if I remember :cookie: (had to have an emote in here somewhere)
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