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Originally Posted by StartingBench View Post
Colangelo has his own issues, but Triano was definately one of them. He definately did seem like a push over in all his interviews. You can see it in his interviews that he never felt like he's in control. Even the classic quote "What the fuck you gonna do" screams push over. He's the coach, the leader, figure something out.

I think sometimes coaches need to scream and rave at these kids. You've got a bunch of <25 yr old millionaires in white vegas. How else are you gonna get these kid's attention?
That quote of Jay was in reference to who the fuck he was supposed to play -directly inferring how bad Reggie Evans & Joey Dorsey were. That's Jay being frustrated at his motherfuckin assclown of a GM. And who wouldn't be frustrated after spending 7yrs developing perrenial all-star Chris Bosh, only to have to play Reggie & Joey, two bigs who can't score in an empty gym? This while Micheal Beasley was available!

Regarding the players saying Jay wasn't right, I call Bryan's bluff.
Think about it: Coach Triano is the best in the league at developing young players & reclaimation projects. Each one of James Johnson, Amir Johnson, Demar, Sonny, Ed, Alexis, Jerryd, Linas & Julian showed that they became better than they were last year. This is directly due to Coach Triano's work w/them in practice, doing the same things he's been doing in player development since he became employed w/the team.

What's more, each one of those guys is 25yrs old or younger. No right thinking GM should even act as if them youngins have the right to decide the fate of the head coach who has worked his ass off, in fucked up circumstances, for their betterment.

As far as Jose & Andrea are concerned, I call a bluff as well on the person who told our poster here, saying Jose sold Jay out. Jose developed his playmaking skills under Coach Triano unto his playmaking being directly akin to that of Steve Nash's; and that MVP credits Coach Triano for how he's developed his main strengths. W/o Coach Triano, Jose isn't the player he has become and he knows it.

I showed in another thread about a month ago that Andrea can rebound, defend, and clog the lane w/the best of'em, right here:
Colangelo's Year End News Conference

The reason why he didn't do it consistently this past season is b/c we were deliberately tanking, losing games based on deliberately not giving the effort: This was not a call done by the players as their value in the league goes down thereof; it wasn't a call by MLSE b/c they know they make the most coin in winning seasons; and it wasn't a call by Coach Triano as it fucks up his & his staff's coaching record. It was a call by none other than Bryan, yet he's so bold so to celebrate his birthday by firing Coach Triano, whom he told to deliberately drop games.

So yeah, this is a(nother) lie by Bryan to cover for his own ass, as motherfuckin usual.

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