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Originally Posted by Aar_Canada View Post
I think it would end at a certain point, but I don't know. A lot of the bullshit associated with the structure of school can also turn a kid off. I hated school from the get go but I know for a fact that it would have been a different deal for me if I'd been unschooled or schooled in the Montessori method. My sister (18) and I are very similar. Problems with motivation, turned off easily, but she went to a Montessori school for two years and I fully believe that was the difference. She never hated school. Still had the same problems, but they didn't suffocate her and she wound up being a really good student and is doing what she wants to do now at Ryerson. I went to university for painting, but by the time that rolled around, I was so jaded about school and being taught, I didn't last long. Some thrive in regular schools, some don't. I did not. I was bored and became resentful of the whole idea. If I could school my kid at home I would but thanks to school and everything it did to me, I'd be unable to.
I can relate to some of the problems you had. In grade school, I lacked a bit of motivation, too. But I don't think school itself is necessarily the problem. I had some real dickhead teachers. A few of them were total assholes, although some were great, too. Learning to deal with that is part of life.

You're a bright guy. I think you're capable of home schooling your son, assuming you had the resources (time and money).

I'm not that familiar with the Montessori method. I might google that, later.
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