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If the world were going to end today — as some Christian evangelicals insist — then chances are good that Qinya Liu would already have picked up on the signs.

As an assistant professor of geophysics at the University of Toronto, Liu understands the mechanics of the planet, but she doesn’t seem inordinately concerned about fire and brimstone consuming her neighbourhood any time soon.

“I haven’t seen in recent history any hazards that could wipe out life on Earth.”

In Liu’s view, there are five main mechanisms by which the planet could come to a sudden and sorrowful demise: Meteorites, volcanoes, earthquakes, nuclear wars and attacks by extra-terrestrials.

Liu doesn’t believe that any of them is about to go critical: “I’m not writing my will yet"
The world will end. Just not today? - thestar.com

I love this part of the article:


True, a massive volcanic eruption near Lake Toba in Indonesia is thought to have occurred around 70,000 years ago, causing a long ash-enshrouded winter that reduced the planet’s human population to 10,000 individuals or so.

But that constitutes just one such eruption in the more than 100,000-year history of human existence. It could happen again. But, then, Rob Ford could also buy himself a bike.
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