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This declaration by Obama is so ridiculous that he can't even justify it in superficial terms; unless of course he's banking on young people (who don't have a poli-sci background or are friends w/such people) voting him back into office, who are unaware that the 1967 war is one of Israel's greatest victories; they were surrounded by all sides from multiple countries that were ready to obliterate them, yet they bested each of them, all by themselves. And that by a significant margin. In short, Israel all by themselves kicked all their collective enemies asses, in juss 6 days.

He's basically telling Israel to surrender land to Hamas, a terrorist group that currently holds the balance of power in Palestine, and refuses to acknowledge Israel's right to exist.

As if that's not enough to show how utterly idiotic (and desperate) Obama truly is, he's declaring his ridiculous statement in the same timeframe of Israel's eastern neighbour Syria going through major trouble, Israel's southern neighbour Egypt being on the road back to democracy, and during a time where Israeli-Palestine relations are 'tamer' right now (for lack of a better word).

W/all that in mind (and the fact that it's an idiotic statement coming from someone that no one in international politics, US Congress, or US business trusts at all), no one has anything of substance to gain by listening to his 'declaration.' This then puts into motion (and would even it he had legitimate claims, given who he is as a person) the question: What does Obama have to gain by declaring what he has, in the timeframe he has done it?

What I gather is:

-He's an unpopular president who doesn't have any of the momentum from his '07-08 campaign (which was only as successful as it was b/c Dubya was that bad, and Sen. McCain came off as a Dubya redux), who while knowing his declaration isn't right on any level, is banking on young voter's ignorance of the situation (and thus not have to seek to justify his claim w/substance to them), and thus declare it in the same timeframe as Osama Bin Laden dying under his rule, and use the momentum thereof to keep up the appearance that he's so peace-loving as per his Nobel peace prize in '09.

-Getting ahead in American politics all too often boils down to who collects the most money during campaign time. And if his personal financial data being released on CNN earlier this week + him declaring intentions for a 2nd term earlier that juss about any president in recent memory is any indication, Obama is seriously lacking in where he thought he'd be already. Add to that is the fact that most businesses (good, evil and neutral) in America & Canada know that he'll backstab anyone and then act to the camera that 'it's all good' by pretending to be the bigger man (the fact that the one time he did the opposite, in recently publicly clowning Trump, is a bridge he's thoroughly burned; say what you want about Trump, but he's got MANY business contacts who listen and listen well to him...and there's evidence Trump was in the right of what he sought, as the birth certificate shown in light of his quest was watermarked as per Adobe Photoshop), and his prospectus doesn't have a good prognosis at all in efforts to be re-elected......

.....So I reckon he hopes his fucked up declaration does 2 things (assuming I and many others who've studied 9/11/01 are right, that it was full out an inside job). One is that b/c he knows he's strained relations w/the Middle East's oil elite by ordering Osama's death (who needed Osama alive to continue to have substance to jack up oil prices), and thus he's declaring a very dangerous thing that could potentially destabilize Israeli-Palestinian relations further, in an effort to show good faith that he still seeks their wealth, and thus they should trust him enough to donate funds to him....

....Two is to say to domestic businesses whom he thinks he can still influence, that while what he juss declared is hella dumb, he could try to pretend that his heart is in the right place for world peace, and thus he's the right candidate to pay coin to.

-In addition to all that, the Military Industrial Complex makes their most coin in war time. W/Osama's death, hope to eventually end the conflicts in Afganistan and Iraq are at all-time highs (tempered as they are). But w/Obama's foolish statement having the potential to destabilize Israeli-Palestian relations further, he can say that he's trying to appease all the big businesses that support war (and before anyone declares this as too off the wall, please do research on Operation Northwoods; America and other countries do not hesitate to kill their own, be they civilians or soldiers, when the businesses behind war have much to gain - 9/11/01 is a perfect example, once you've thoroughly studied it).

I feel I've declared the true motive behind that vile motherfucker's declaration. And if no one agrees w/that, then please try to defend the rationale of declaring what he has here, especially in the time frame of doing so. This from a fuckin Harvard graduate. More like crackhead huckster tryna milk his wave for what it's worth. I can't think of anything he can say this Tuesday that masks the lack of wisdom of what he's fuckin declared.

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