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Originally Posted by Benzo View Post
No that's not what I said, I suggested ( to prove a point not my person feelings) that the human race would be better off culling the those leaching on the system. That is a rational thought. I was simply stating that compassion is tough to prove with an equation.
You didn't say "better off", you made reference to "survival".

Also, saying we'd be "better off" is another subjective term. How so? And how does "science" distinguish between economic and emotional/psychological health. Sure, maybe society would be in a better economic position, but it might not be happier. People's well being might be damaged by having friends and relatives let go. The verdict is most certainly not in on that one. In principle, there might be an answer, but there is no consensus right now. So you have no business saying that science would tell us we are "better off."

Nowhere did i state it has anything to do with physical prowess or brain power.
Why did you use the term "weak" then? Again, this is why I asked you to elaborate the first time.

I am also not stating that helping the "weak" hurts a species future survival, I believe compassion helps society, it just can't be measured.
Then why did you make reference to leaving the "weak" behind to ensure our survival?
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