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Originally Posted by thought View Post
Professional sports isn't the real world, at least not as I see it. The power structure is ass backwards in sports and there isn't anything like it in any other industry. Where else would you see executives and organizational decision makers being paid a fraction of what the employees manufacturing the actual product earn? Point being, the logic that applies to your typical public corporation isn't necessarily going to be in play in a pro sports franchise. Great move IMO.
Excellent observation Thought (capitalizing your username, so to not confuse it w/the noun!). But its only true to a certain degree, as at the same time, the players SHOULD be making more coin than execs in the NBA - this unlike 'the real world.'

However, I have to disagree w/you on your point the fuckery standards in the NBA being unique: American politics and the music industry's system are both predicated on fucked up things, despite the illusions that show the contrary.

But getting back to the subject of Bryan's 'extension,' I've had time today to do a quick study on each team's GM history in the past 21yrs. And what I've seen is that in the past 21yrs (1990-91, where Jordan won his 1st title, to now), Bryan is the only GM in the entire NBA of the past 21yrs who has fucked over his team as hard as he's fucked us up in his 5yrs thus far with us; and then gotten 'extended.' This is something worth thinking about.

I've already said there is no 'real world' merit to extending Bryan, and w/what I've studied, there is no NBA merit to extending Bryan either; especially with the healthy alternatives at the ready (especially again when you consider our playoff years under Bryan were the result of Maurizio's work - not Bryan's).

It's an excellent tool to find all his collusion partners, though!
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