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Originally Posted by blazers6 View Post
A team with less than a 3% chance wins the lottery...

Conspiracies aside, tanking does not work in the short-term and is an insult to real fans. It may ensure a top 5 pick but what does that entail before a weak draft?

Tanking is for losers. I visited this board several teams when my team played the Raptors and I was appalled by how many "let's intentionally tank this game to get Kyrie Irving" comments there were. Cheering for your team to lose, and then have this happen, is a shame. Some non-playoff team fans support the tank but only one or two actually receive the benefits.

I feel obliged to post this. Hopefully next season Toronto fans will be more supportive of their team, even if the next class of draftees will be superior.
i really don't want to sound like an asshole but i'm going to come off as one anyways so fuck it.

first off, i'm a loyal and diehard Raptors fan so when some blazer's fan (assuming that by your name) who probably knows nothing about the Raptors comes here and tries to tell me how to support my team it pisses me off. please, don't try and come over here with your "tanking is for losers" bullshit as if you weren't for it when your team was trying to lock up that first pick in the 06 draft.

I feel obliged to post this
you're not obliged to do shit, your free to visit the site and voice your opinion but don't try to come here and feel as if your doing us a favour. the Raptors and their fans already got shit on today and your just trying to smear it, and frankly, i won't have it. i apologize to the people of this forum if i'm coming off as hot-headed or giving the site a 'bad name' but i won't have some fucking blazers fan try and tell me how to support my team.
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