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Originally Posted by Superjudge View Post
Scully, while I see what you're trying to say, I'm afraid you are pretty much out to lunch with the use of the words "over value".

The simple fact is this. The guys running the Raptors are 100X more connected, and 100x more qualified to assess value to a player than any of us. Value is not something, in any league that you can measure on a fixed scale. The scale slides.
We face a very real, and very tangible issue in Canada, which is, NBA free agents simply don't want to be here. People might think this isn't the case, however I'm pretty certain it is, as many players openly say it. This being the case, where is you value scale?

Is a guard like Jose valuable?
Is a Center Like Bargnani Valuable?

These guys may not impress on the big list when compared to all other players in the league, but, when compared to all other players ready and willing to trade in their Cargo shorts for Kamik boots, they start to look a little more"valuable", meaning, you get get good quality, for the money, because to get a slightly better player, you are paying MAX.

Fuck, we almost paid Bosh the MAX, for 7 years!!!!!!!!!

As for Your Bargnani question.... at 10 mil. Bargs is a fabulous fit on any contending team. don't think for a moment he isn't.
and what information is this exactly?

You consider a players production, value to your team, feelings for playing on the team, and thus decide a fair dollar value. There is no hidden recipe really. Also, I disagree with you on that players not wanting to come here just because it's Canada. If we drafted Dwayne Wade in 2003 and prepared a flexible cap situation for 2010, we could have potentially landed both Lebron and Bosh just like the Miami Heat. They are individuals who TRULY want to win and sacrificed franchise roles in order to do so. In their case, the city alone, would not be the deciding factor.
In summary, most superstars want to be in a position to win. The city definitely plays a role, but to say that NBA free agents "simply do not want to be here" is completely false.
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