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Originally Posted by carp View Post
dude, stop embellishing things..... Bargnani isn't the only Raptor that allowed guys to walk all over him. This team is soft. They all let guys blow by them. Yes, Bargnani played poorly, but newsflash, they all did defensively more often than not.
how about you figure out what we're talking about before you add ur 2 cents?
moujik honestly thinks that Bargnani he doesn't know he's hurting his team when he stands and watches as opposing players get rebounds or lay it in in front of him because no one has told him its wrong

do YOU think thats a reasonable explanation for bargnani's play? Bargnani supports are never short on new theories of bargnani's defensive woes but this is a new one i gotta admitt. although i may not agree with most of them, but at least they are reasonable. this is just utterly ridiculous.

i find it hard to believe that someone who is playing in the NBA, has played basketball his entire life, and somewhere down the line no one has told him, "Hey don't just watch ur opponent do layups in ur face"....let alone should have figured that out on your own...

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