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Default Sam needs to make up his mind with Bargs

Ever since the roadtrip where he started again, Bargs has gotten limited touches if any in most of the last 6 or so games, and his energy on defence has been pathetic as a result.

Now, obviously it's not a good thing that his D isnt there because of his offence, but that's the same for many many young immature players and most people who play basketball in general. If you're not touching the ball or getting up shats you dont play as hard on defence and dont put as much energy in doing what needs to be done.

Bargs has been relegated to the 2nd pass out of the double team who would get the assist if it were hockey. He maybe sets 2 picks a game for pick and pops, and NEVER gets the ball in the midrange area anymore.

Sam has to either use his skillset and give him the ball 3-4 times a quarter on the opposite side of Bosh and let him try and create something for himself/others or just bench him 5 games or so and go from there. Just having him float out there for the first 6 minutes of each quarter isnt gonna make our team better. He's using him like he used Hoffa, and Bargs' is a unique talent who deserves more credit than that after last year.

Use the guy when he's in the game or dont use him at all. If he keeps using him like hes some scrub bigman like Calvin Booth who's just supposed to defend and set picks Bargnani isnt gonna develop at all and likely leave when his contract is up and we wont get anything back for him in return, and then he WILL blossom somewhere where a good coach will know how to utilize his skillset.

If he was in Portland I guarantee he'd be putting up 15 PPG with Roy and beside a guy like Pryzbilla who will have his back. McMillan calls a ton of plays for Aldridge on pick and pops and iso's inside 18 feet, why cant we do the same with Bargs? It's not like it's gonna hurt our offence, it's already the most predictable offence in the NBA, especially when Jose isnt dribbling 2+ feet past the pick anymore to make the defence react.


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