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Raptors HQ: Eric Hughes on DeMar

An interview with Raps assistant Eric Hughes. Here are a couple of excerpts:

He worked at it though. DeMar worked at it. He comes back late at night and gets his shot up, we started a routine about halfway through the season where he comes every morning, about a half hour before shoot-around and gets his shots up then, so he worked at it. Repetition and getting those extra shots up, you can't help but become a better shooter.

But I think a lot of those guys worked at it. Ed worked at it, Jerryd came back every night, Sonny was in the gym a bunch, and that's what you have to do. This is their craft, this is what they do for a living and to rest on your laurels and not get the extra shots in because you feel like you're getting better, that's where guys fall off. I think if anything, when DeMar started getting some confidence and started having a couple of those games where he was up in the high twenties and he had a couple games over thirty, I think it was kind of like a drug, he became addicted and that's when he decided even more so that he wanted to get in the gym and get those extra shots up.

So, a lot's said about DeMar's growth but DeMar's growth has come from DeMar's work ethic and DeMar's "want" to be in the gym. Like I said, it's May 4th and I'm actually living in LA this summer, and I had lunch with him last week and he's chomping at the bit, he wants to get shots up today. Now I don't know how much we'll actually do, but just the fact that he wants to start working in May says something about how much better he wants to be. He had a taste of success this year, and a taste of people complementing him and I think DeMar has a chance to be a really good player. He's got a ways to go, he's gotta develop the ability to knock down the 3-point shot consistently, he's gotta be more consistent, you know, DeMar would have a 30 point game and he'd come back with a six point game, you can't have those. But his play in the league this year, and upping his scoring to about 17 points per game, I think says a lot from where he was last year.

Well he definitely needs to improve his body, and he needs to get stronger, and again, you have to look at DeMar; if he had stayed in college, this would have been his senior year. So his body is not quite developed. I think that really changes when you get to 24 or 25 and DeMar's just getting ready to turn 22 so he's still young. But his body needs to change, he knows that, he's hired a coach to work with him out here in LA this summer, and he's gonna concentrate not just on the basketball stuff but on changing his body as well.

And defensively DeMar has the ability and at times has shown that he can be a defensive presence for us, getting out, getting after people. But at times, whether it be lack of effort or want, or also just his physical strength, at times, he struggled. He especially struggled with more physical players.

A team that comes to mind is Milwaukee. I mean Corey Maggette and Carlos Delfino and those guys just beat him up, just put a body on him every time and he really struggled against physical play. And I think again, his body needs to mature, but he needs to help his body's maturation by getting into the weight room and changing his body a bit.
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