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Originally Posted by thriller92 View Post
I doubt ORL deals with LA either. Makes no sense for them to trade for Gasol, and again, Bynums too big of an injury risk to trade a top 5 player for.
It depends on what the new CBA allows in terms of the salary cap and trades. Orlando is in a tricky situation. Although Otis Smith did a decent job of making the Magic a genuine title contender in 2009 and 2010, he gambled this season by giving away one of Orlando's best trade assets (Gortat) and taking on two of the league's ugliest contracts. Jason Richardson didn't come through for them like they needed. As a result, Orlando has little chance to improve the roster over the next 2 seasons. The Magic are so far into the luxury tax, I'm not even sure they would use the MLE to add to the current roster, if the MLE is still available. Their payroll is so bloated. Without any prospects for improving their roster, Orlando is unlikely to be more than a 1st or 2nd round playoff team over the next 2 years. That probably won't be enough to re-sign D12 who has made a shit load of money already.

It might be in Orlando's best interest to use a D-12 trade as a means to dump other salary, especially Gilbert. A trade that gives Orlando assets to use to rebuild, while also providing financial relief and flexibility, could be the best course of action. But to dump a huge salary, you need to trade with a team that can send back salary, assuming the new CBA operates in a similar manner. No team will have the cap space to outright absorb Gilbert.

Consider this type of trade, just as an example. It could be slightly different. The point is to include Arenas.

To Orlando:


To L.A.


Orlando ditches Arenas and starts rebuilding. Bynum is a core asset for the rebuild. Orlando could trade Odom to another team for a talented prospect or picks, which further helps with the rebuild.

This deal might look kind of shitty for L.A., but they have a limited window to win with Kobe. A big 3 of Kobe, D-12 and Gasol would make them legit contenders again. Also, by the time Kobe's current deal is over, and his window as L.A's leader will be closing, Gilbert's deal will expire, which means L.A. won't be prevented from reloading when their new era begins.

I think this could work for both teams, all things considered.

Bynum probably isn't the best or most reliable single asset Orlando could get for Dwight, but any team that could give something better probably wouldn't be in position to also take Arenas, and thus it wouldn't necessarily put Orlando in a better situation overall. It's debatable.

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