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Originally Posted by Benzo View Post
This is dumb CG, and I understand the point you are making for argument sake,

In your argument, every country, every religion, every battle fought ever in the history of the world is a form of terrorism, and Bin Laden in no different than any of them. If you want to argue semantics thats fine, by your definition though I scare my neighbours kids at Halloween, so I am the same is Bin Laden.

Don't tell me that is a reach either, because it is exactly what you did.
You think I reached? I used your definition and I proved how false that definition is. Your reaction is based off as such (sorry) and your example really doesn't do anything to dispute my example.

And I do think this is much more than simple semantics. Terrorism is a loaded term and if we're going to consider bin Laden (and even McVeigh) terrorists, as well as the IRA, the previous acts of the ANC etc. and label groups as such within set parameters and throw terms out willy-nilly then examples in present and past history should be examined as well.

As well, when using the term, 'terrorist' we tend to believe the punishment suits the crime as was evidenced by many arguments here. If we use that same frame work and apply it to ourselves, well, then I receive a response as I just did.

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