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Default An ordinary disco night. With Danilo Gallinari, Andrea Bargnani and Marco belinelli

Form: Buzzer Beater Blog

I found this on an Italian forum, I think is amazingly funny.
P.s. I translated it for you so forgive my english

An ordinary disco night. With Danilo Gallinari, Andrea Bargnani and Marco belinelli
Gallinari:Hey Beli youíre in late.
Belinelli: Sorry Gallo I found traffic, and i find a cookie shop and stopped 5mins.
G: 5?
B: Ok Ĺ an hourÖ they gave you free cookies
G: F*** is it possible that each time I organize a meeting I have to wait a couple of hours?
B: ..but the other one?
G: who knows?
B: I call him so we see where he is
Mago (Bargnani):Hello!
B: where the f*** are you?
M: who Iím talking to?
B: Iíll give you an advice, read the name on your cell phone.
B: Not that name.
M: ha Vodafone (Italian phone company), have you got some advice? I want to change my cell phone this one is too small.
B: read on the display genius.
M: ho Hi Beli how are you?
B: donít talk about this. Iím at Gallís home you should have been here an hour ago.
M: he didnít tell me.
B: But you were on facebook with him and you told him you should have come.
M: ha that I thought it was a joke
B: Why?
M: I donít know you always make a fool of me
B: ask yourself why, I give you 20 mins. to get here, and dress better than the last time. I give you an advice, jumpers with ducks donít work with girls.
G: but is the same guy who score 20 pts per game in NBA?
B: One year on the same team and I canít understand if heís just plain stupid or what.

56 minutes laterÖ

G: on time like Italian mail serviceÖ
M: I didnít know how to dress
B: it looks like you donít know even yet, whatís that?
M: itís a jumper with Megazord (cartoon character) on it
B: What did I say?
M: You did say no ducks..itís been hard to get rid of half my wardrobe.
G: let him alone theyíre waiting for us down at the disco.

NY disco VIP room, Beli e Bargs look at Gallinari completely surrounded by beautiful girls.

B: I never get how he succeeds
M: look at him so charming, always smiling no one can resist.
B: if you like I can spend a wordÖ
Random chick: Hey you are Bargnani and play with Toronto raptors
M: Yes I am
B: And Iím Belinelli play with the hornets
RC: Are you the one that makes a lot of money and scores a lot of points?
M: Yes I am

B:I score ten per game and earn 2 millions per year
RC: Whatís that thing on your jumper?
M: Heís Megazord that protect all us..
B: Iíve got an Armaniís shirt itís for 5000 $
RC: Wow Gigazord so beautiful
M: Megazord!
B: Look at my Iphone, 200 giga, 40 megapixel camera, and it makes coffee and run the dog
RC: have you got something else about Ipernord at home? I would like to see them
M: Megazord! A lot of jumper with Megazord and some with ducks
B: Iíve got a collection of condoms with different flavours. Like to see it?
RC: Would you drive me at your place Iíve always been a fan of Superlord
M: I donít know, my mum told me donít trust strangers, and NBA told me that if strangers are good looking scarcely dressed girls who want to came at your home to watch at your butterfly collection or Megazord collection or coloured toilet paper collection I have to be careful Ďcause theyíre bad persons
B:I can take the chance, a couple of condoms expires tomorrow.
RC: Oh well I understandÖbye bye idiots.
G: Hi boys, forgive me but I was taken with some famous actress and a couple of heiress that, listen to my words, wanted to look for some ďtreasureĒ in my trousers. Are you having a good time?
M: A lot, this place is beautiful a lot of open sandwiches. Is not like in Toronto basements.
B: F***off

P.s. No NBA player itís been hurt writing this short novel. Every reference to real people is casual, or intentional or completely wrong.
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