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I want Lesnar to win, but i dont think he will He has like no submission game whatsoever and Randy does, he was riding a very less skilled guy and couldnt finish him, i think in a few years he will be champ but this is a setup fight then Randy gets to fight for the belt or Fedor next for the big bucks, then Iceman as a retirement match, thats why Randy made this deal, lucrative fights all in a row then retirement.

I dont get saying if Brocks ground game is the same as the last 2 fights he is in trouble? Did you see him again Mir? He rushed him, took him down and was pounding on him til the ref made a very questionable stoppage for shots in the back of the head, no warning just told them to stand it, the rules say it was a warning tho. But Mir is one of the best BJJ bigs in the world, a horrible fight for Lesnar really.

Randy isnt washed up, in fact he never really lost the heavyweight belt. So if/when he beats Brock he will get a title shot, just like Mir is getting. But him vs Fedor is what really makes Dana's pants get wet, thats big big big $$$

GSP couldnt beat Randy, giving up way too much size and strength, he would get whooped, hell if/when GSP goes for the humongous payday and fights Spider (imagine Spider vs GSP and Randy vs Fedor on the same card?? Wow best card ever!!), Spider will beat GSP flat out, KO, 2nd round.

And again, not only is it a sport, its the truest, oldest sport, fighting to see who is the toughest, smartest, most heart, the ultimate test of human will is a one on one fight, often you get to the point where both men are so tired, its just all guts and heart, you really find out way more about yourself in a fight then you will any other way, what are you really made of at the end of the day? How much can you endure, how great is your willpower, because with 2 highly skilled fighters, that what it often comes down to, stamina, willpower and heart. Anyone that has gotten into many fights in their lives or fights for a living often get addicted to that adrenline and the pure test of character it often is, thats why fighting has always, and will always be popular, from the schoolyard to the octogan and everything in between (whenever there is a fight people gather around and go nuts, whether it's amatuers, pro's or even professional athletes in a game like basketball or hockey, people love it).

So for anyone that avoids fighting and thinks it barbaric or whatever, you obviously havent gotten into many fights, its a freeing experience and a test of yourself you can do no other way.

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