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Originally Posted by Aar_Canada View Post
As Peter Bergen said last night and again today, these followers swore a personal oath to Bin Laden. I hate Hitler comparisons, but it was the same with Hitler. When Hitler died, so did Nazism. When so much of the substance of party, organization, group is tied up in a charismatic leader, once that leader's gone, so much is lost. Lop the head off the body and the body dies. Completely? No, but still. Bring him to trial and allow him to spew his hatred and put out his calls for action? Not a good idea, in my opinion. He admitted what he'd done, the end.
You cannot compare the two. It's like comparing fruits to vegetables and saying that they are similar based on the fact that they are produced by some plant form. The comparisons end there.

And again, I point to the Nuremberg trials firstly, where Goering (most notably) was tried. He still spewed his hatred and several others had calls to action as well, but nothing came of it. PM Tojo, during the Tokyo trials, refused to criticize Emperor Hirohito. I can cite other examples as well.

And of course, this can be taken many steps further with the admittance. Should GWB be tried for his invasion? Should Reagan have been tried and impeached for his lies? LBJ for manufacturing the Gulf of Tonkin incident? I could go and on. It's never that black and white though.
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