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Originally Posted by Ligeia View Post
If the intended goal is to ensure parity between small and large market teams, I fail to see how a hard cap will help.
It depends on how the hard cap is structured and what type of exceptions, if any, accompany it. For example, it may be impossible for a team to have a Kobe, Gasol, Bynum, Odom and a couple of respectable rotation players all on the same team. Or, it maybe be impossible to have a Garnett, Allen, Pierce, Rondo and several respectable rotation players all on the same team. That alone would make the league more competitive.

I do agree that it is not automatically a magic bullet. Without knowing all the accompanying regulations, especially potential exceptions to the cap, I don't think we can say anything definitively.

Personally, I prefer they just drastically alter the luxury tax.

If you fix the salaries that each team can offer, then the deciding factor will be things that the large markets have a leg up on, like endorsements, entertainment, etc.
Isn't that the case now? You can never completely eliminate that. Except the potential difference with a hard cap is, a team can't stack its roster. If a high paid player wants to continue to earn a lot of money, there will be cases where he simply HAS to go to a smaller market. The other "attractive" teams will be capped out. And since you can't go above the cap, there will be fewer super teams that will be looking to do sign and trades. Imagine a $65 million ceiling on a hard cap. If you've got 2 max players on your team earning 18-20 million, how the hell can you afford to bring in a 3rd player earning that much? You'll have 3 all-stars and the rest of your roster is scrubs. It will be hard to compete like that. Maybe 1 team, like Miami, will manage to get away with it, but that's probably it. And Miami would still have a tough time. Currently Miami plans to build depth each year through the MLE. If that's gone, under a hard cap, even Miami could have a bit of trouble. They will always be relying on old vets for their bench.

Other teams with 1 max player + plus lots of depth should be able to compete better. And I would guess that a lot of the 2nd tier talent will spread out more, since those guys don't tend to have loads of money saved and won't usually take a $2-5 million paycut. I doubt guys like Odom, Rondo or Tony Parker will play for $4 million. Imagine if the league had a hard cap when Rondo, Odom and Parker were re-signed.

Just something to think about. Again, I concede that we can't say anything definitively without knowing the accompanying regulations to the hard cap. I'm talking more about what might be possible.

Also, the owners want the hard cap to protect themselves from themselves. They could easily have a de facto hard cap if they were all willing to stick to the goals they proclaim, but they aren't.
True. They can be their own worst enemies, and certain agents are great at working them like puppets.
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