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Originally Posted by Don Vito View Post
Hard cap in the NBA = fail. Say goodbye to teams like OKC in a couple years.
Originally Posted by ClingRap View Post
Plus I'm not so sure a hard cap hurts OKC. Please explain what you mean.
Originally Posted by b55bgc View Post
exactly, with a hard cap. wouldnt it promote teams like OKC. And prevent teams like the lakers, celtics, and heat.
Originally Posted by Naj_Irban View Post
I think he means that the hard cap is not happening soo... say goodbye to OKC
Since Don Vito didn't respond, I'm going to add a perspective.

Some people think that the hard cap could hurt OKC because it will make it difficult to retain all of the players it has been smart enough to draft/obtain. Durant is a max player, and Westbrook will probably be a one soon, too. With 2 max players on the books, a couple of years from now, it could be very hard to retain Ibaka, Perkins, and Harden. OKC has built a core the right way. They could lose it. It all depends on the stipulations of the hard cap.

I think that's the concern. Under the current system, a team like OKC still has the option to retain all its players, since they might be able to make extra revenue by going really deep in the playoffs. The option is there, if the team succeeds financially. A hard cap could take away that freedom.

Now, to be clear, I, personally, don't think they should avoid a hard cap just because it could hurt OKC. That's only one small market team. It's possible that a hard cap will be great for the overall health of the league. It depends on how it is structured.

On a related note, if they don't go with a hard cap, I'd like to see them alter the luxury tax. If you increase the luxury tax to 200%, 300% and 400% above particular levels, I think you can really hammer the teams that spend well above the tax. You could achieve something similar to a hard cap, while still affording teams some breathing room up to the luxury tax. Owners are going to think twice about stacking their bench when they are paying $8 million in tax for a $2 million dollar player.
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