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Originally Posted by TORaptor4Ever View Post
I'm flabbergasted as to why the Knicks would do this with a potential lockout coming.
There are numerous reasons why you shouldn't be. They only had until Friday to make up their mind. If they had until after the draft, then I could understand why someone would be shocked, since the Knicks could have talked to other clubs about who is on the market. But given that this decision had to be made before the end of the playoffs, it makes some sense. It may not be the course of action that everyone would agree is best (I can appreciate that), but the decision to keep Billups is logical.

1 - if there is a lockout, they won't have to pay the money anyway, and it's only a one year deal. It doesn't cause any cap related problems, even if the CBA is changed. The Knicks payroll is still lower than many teams, even with Billups for one extra year.

2 - There are no real "gotta have them" point guards available via free agency this summer, so the cap space wouldn't get them an equivalent PG.

IMO they would have been much better off going after Nash and trying to swing a deal with PHX.
3 - or you just sign him outright the summer of 2012. He is an expiring. Furthermore, what does NY have to offer, even if they wanted to make a trade? The Knicks are already short a couple of future picks from other deals, and gave away half their roster to acquire Melo. They don't have much to work with, which makes it difficult to outbid another team in order to rent Nash next year. Billups' option conveniently comes off the books just as Nash becomes a free agent. If Nash is still healthy at that point, then NY can still get him, assuming they want him.

4 - As I mentioned earlier, I can appreciate that someone might not think this is the best course of action. I might not agree but would certainly understand if a Knick fan wanted NY to use the cap space to offer Marc Gasol a massively front loaded offer sheet. If it was massively front loaded, maybe the Knicks would have a slim chance of scaring off Heisley. Then, once Gasol is signed this summer, the Knicks could use the full MLE to go after Nash the following summer. Given his age, and the opportunity NY would provide, the MLE might get Nash. The problem, of course, is that, with the lockout looming, nobody knows what will even be possible in the future. The MLE may not even exist.
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