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Originally Posted by Claudius View Post
Secondly, having clean drinking water is almost an entirely 20th century convention. For the longest time Western European states up until the mid 19th century "pissed and shit" in their water. They didn't have developed sewer systems and really didn't understand the need for sewer systems till the mid 19th century. So having clean drinking water is very much a new thing that we're very lucky to have. If not for technology we'd still be in the same boat.

Hell, how "civilized" are we? We're so ridiculously dependent upon modern technology. Without it, we'd be lost. For alot of people that's their ancestral lands, going to tell them to move is equivalent to me going to your home and saying leave even though you've been there for generations. Please, do some additional reading before spouting off.
Have to disagree with you, both the egyptians and romans and mayans and azteks all had some sort of sewer, drinking water and arrigation sytems in place in their city structures.

And as far as being dependent on "modern technology" speak for yourself. I dont know about you but I can fish or hunt, clean the animal, start a fire and cook it. I can cut down wood, split and dry it and heat my home/cook my food. I can grow my own vegetables and fruit. I can build my own shelter. "Modern Technology" makes some things easier but life is still built off the sweat of ones back.

And the final difference is the problem I have with it is that people settled into this place to begin with. There is no way to support life adequatley in some of these places because the earth will not allow it.

Lets all go move to Death Valley and start a farming community. Doesnt make sense does it?

In order to feed these people, greenhouses will need to be built to allow for sufficient enough of an evironment to be able to grow food.
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