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Originally Posted by 'trane View Post
dude, i was with you for a while, but this stuff is just plain ignorant. if you live in a poverty-stricken country with no access to technology, resources or knowledge, how the fuck do you expect to get to get the fuck out? multiply that by millions of people in exactly the same situation all competing for the same chance to a) survive, or b) by some miracle get the fuck out... you do the math.

as for the point that canada started off in the same place... yeesh... canada 'started off' - depending on your argument - with either a massive, lush piece of territory and a small aboriginal population, or the full might of both england and france at the pinnacle of their empires.

drinking water in sudan, for instance, is not exactly... well not even remotely close.
No I know, I was on a bit of a tangent there.

But should it not be inherent that drinking water should not be messed with. My family started in a small dirt floor shack, eating only what the caught, no medicine, no roads, no neighbours nearby for miles and miles and absolutley no education. The goats never got washed in the brook and neither did my great great grantparents, that was only for drinking.

And as far as people getting out of a poverty stricken country, walking is a start. One foot in front of the other until a better place is found. The problem didnt just happen anyways, why did people decide to settle there in the first place, there is the point I was making.

That all being said I still help send over groups of people every year to dig wells, and would like to start a campaign to just send over drilling trucks, buy up some of the old ones hear and deliver them over there and teach them how to drill wells. On top of that I still have my sponsor kids.
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