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You know what, I do feel bad that another hurricane is on the way or whatever but (alot of people arent going to like this one) how can I possibly feel overly sorry for someone who continues to live in an area that gets hit by these sorts of things. Hurricane zones, Tsunami, earthquakes etc gennerally happen more so in specific spots, ie california and china earthquales, tsunamis in the phillipines and thailand etc. If you live in these areas then housing should be assemble to withstand the onslaught of the weather. I live in a flood zone and my house, alike all the others is on raised platforms and I have a little boat. When it floods my floors stay dry and I can get in and out with my boat.

It's like the people overseas who "havent any clean drinking water" Canada started in the same place that these countries did, with nothing, we just knew enough to not shit and piss in our water.

Another thing is why do people continue to live in an arid desert environment then complain that they have no water and cant grow food? I wonder why?

Its 2008, man was sent to the moon 40 years ago, we have misslis that could shoot the pecker off a fly from 250 miles, we have nanite technology and we can receive a radio signal and TV anywhere in the world. Why the fuck cant we teach people to plan ahead and be prepared.

Dont shit in your drinking water, dont live in an area were natural disaster is a recurring thing, dont live anywhere were the environment doesnt contribute to sustaining any sort of life

End Rant...

(No offense to the peoples who are trapped in this sort of situation and cannot free themselves from it, but if my family was starving living somewhere I would do EVERYTHING to get them the fuck out.)
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