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Originally Posted by Claudius View Post
You're telling me that potentially Beasley won't become the better player? There's not even a doubt in your mind that it'll happen?

Wade looks great when he's surrounded by talent which doesn't allow teams to focus on him. When they acquired Shaq and Shaq was an MVP calibre talent at that time, Wade seemed to be the greatest player in the world, but moreso because of Shaq occupying so much of the defensive attention. Cue in some phantom fouls and a very good player (not saying he's terrible) became a great player. Once this presence was removed Wade simply went back down to being a very exceptional player but not one of the best players ni the game.

Same thing in the Olympics. Alot of the defensive attention was paid to Kobe and LeBron. Wade fed off the attention they received plus the attention Deron Williams and Chris Paul received. Really, without the PGs doing so much in the Olympics Dwayne Wade doesn't look as good as he did.

Is Wade a very good player? Yes. Is he one of the best players in the world? No.
I guess we have to agree to disagree on this one, im not sure if he is the best player in the world, but to me he is definately one of the best.

Shaq wasnt an MVP type Shaq that Kobe was getting in the Lakers championships when the Heat won, back then he was the main focus but on the Heat it really was Wade.

The arguement can go everyway on Team USA for every player, considering most teams just played zone and didnt double much i think the arguement moot, you cant really double and definately cant triple players on that team, so the floor was open to Kobe and LeBron just as much, but to me Wade was by far the most impressive player offensively.

I have no doubt, Beasley wont be as good a player as Wade, i think Beasley will be a 2nd tier allstar at best, Wade is All-NBA when healthy.
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