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Default Colangelo vs. another (ex)Toronto GM

After going through that Wayne Embery thread and taking it all in, i got a-thinking about another Toronto based team and how the change in the general manager role was similar yet different.

When JP Ricciardi was canned everyone was pretty happy. I remember i was exctatic. I actually was on a JP strike where i refused to watch any games pay attention to any Jays info while JP was running the show. I hated him that much. Yes i thought the man was an asshole and that had something to do with it, but i also thought he ran the team very badly.

Now we have Colangelo who's time here really isn't all that different. The are definitely some similarities. He's signed some bad contracts, he's traded for some bad contracts (which to me is pretty much the same thing), he's traded away first rounders... and most importantly his teams have been bad. Actually similarly to Riacciardi Colangelo's teams were for the most part expected to achieve certain goals and they would end up underperforming.

I'd say the biggest difference in the two is that one was an asshole and the other was a golden boy through the media, but does that really make a world of difference. I mean people are up in arms over Colangelo not being back and threatening to stop being Raptor fans.

And that brings me to my last point. I think now more than ever the inferiority complex and the insecurities that are so present in Raptor fans are showing through. The mentality is that Toronto is such a shitty place in the NBA that no one would possibly want to come here to be a general manager is what i am realizing from our own fans. No one in their right mind who was any good at the position would come to the Raptors because they ARE NBA siberia right? That's why we absolutely MUST hold on to Colangelo... because he's such a well respected guy in NBA circles and he's so good at his job even though he's sucked at it for more than half his time here. We can't possibly get anyone better. and surely no on ethat we haven't heard of could do better.

anyways .....that's my take of what the majority of raptorland feels itself.
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