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First of all, I am not ignoring anyones points. I'll be the first to admit that Andrea is not good on defence. Second of all, he has a post game. I just youtubed Andrea game tape to show how easy it is to find footage of him posting up, here is a random game against Detroit.

Bargnani @ Detroit Pistons /..." target="_blank">YouTube - Andrea Bargnani @ Detroit Pistons /...

Watch him in the post. Saying he doesn't have a post game is just hating because it's the cool thing to do.

How does having a player like Andrea who can post up and step back to the three point line not spread the floor?*sarcasm* It cause for tons of mismatches. Like getting someone like Dwight Howard out of the paint which allows other players to get to the rim and score.

All the centers which have been passed around are basically defensive minded centers, and were not going to get a defensive minded center who can score more then 15 PPG without giving up something significant, like Demar or Davis. A center like that is rare, not many teams will just let them walk.

I'm tired of you just following around my posts. If you don't like a world where everything isn't black and white, don't read my posts. It's getting really old now.

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