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Originally Posted by Sick, Wicked and Nasty! View Post
Written account when available would be appreciated
courtesy E Smith - LINK

“There’s a lot to digest …”
“De-railed … Some of it by injuries … Some of it by a lack of talent, generally….”
“Good things happening” with young players”
Young players are now developed (more) after having a chance to cut their teeth…”

The young guys “enjoy playing togetjher and enjoy playing in Toronto…”
Season seat renewals and new season seat purchases are both up (at this time) over what they were last year and the year before …and he doesn’t believe it’s just because of the price decrease the Raptors announced a while back

Highlighting the good young pieces: (1) DeRozan. Had an incredible year in scoring and has a very bright future. Must improve his D and 3pt shooting. (2) Davis. After a slow start he has tuned into a guy that could/should be a double-double machine going forward in his career.
Colangelo thanked and noted his scouting department and management team for the last 2 drafts and the selections of DD and Davis

BC noted Bayless’ production as well - especially as a starter - and singled out Amir Johnson too … and the fact that he lived up to the contract that many were critical of last summer (when he re-signed). Colangelo also announced that Johnson will visit some foot and ankle specialists in the U.S. very soon

James Johnson - according

The enigma of all enigmas - to many of you - is Andrea … (But) … He’s proven to be a legitimate 20-point scorer in this league.”
He “clearly” has not improved his defence and play around the rim to the extent we’d like

Reggie Evans deserves an incredible amount of credit for what he was able to accomplish

Leandro Barbosa has seen specialists for his wrist but will not require surgery. Specialists are calling it non-operative … which is good news according to BC

“Andrea is not a good help-side / weak-side defender” … Thus, he notes, getting a legit 5 (center) to play alongside him or to bring some defence and rebounding to the front court would be a thought for ‘needs’ for the draft. Colangelo noted the 3-spot could be a thought as well … though J. Johnson showed some positive signs down the stretch. Overall team defence and 3-point shooting needs to improve too.

“Until I’m told otherwise” … He’s going to do the best he can for this team. “It’s business as usual”.
“I hope I’m back. I want to be back. I’m committed to Toronto and the country of Canada”

“Until my situation is resolved, I’m sure Jay’s (Triano) will remain unresolved.”
“Clearly he did everything we asked him to do this year. He stuck to that plan” … even if his reputation or record took a hit. Colangelo gave him a ton of credit for sticking to that plan and noted that the players have a true, genuine like and respect for Triano.
“If I’m not here, he deserves consideration as as a head coach.”

RE: Bargnani: What I do know we have is a considerable asset for this organization” … he’s in a difficult spot given that he’s “mis-cast” as the 5 on this team based on the personnel.
“I don’t know that he’s ever going to be a better defender … But can he be a better rebounder? Absolutely!”

Notes that Bargs doesn’t work on his rebounding as much as / like he should.
“He’s a match-up nightmare” for opposing teams and “I guarantee you he’s a focale point” of the game plan / scouting report from opposing teams.”
RE: Bargnani and potential trades overall - “I’m not afraid to admit when something doesn’t work”

He believes he’s proven in his career that he’s not shy about making moves

He calls the idea that he won’t move Bargnani ’cause AB was a #1 pick - utter “nonsense” - and he’ll dowhatever it takes to make this team/organization better
$9.026 million left on the Bosh trade exception
Said it’s “unlikely” that will be used NOW cause it could cut into the cap flexibility going forward. But never say never

RE: the uncertainty of his job and how if affects the young core and the team overall going forward … “There’s not a lot I can say” … he says he’s told the players what he expects going forward “IF (he’s) back.”

“It’s a business. I’m okay with it. I’ve chosen this life.”
He continued … that if he’s not back, he’ll “walk out of here with his head held high.”

Looking back at his time in Toronto he admits that this team may have had too much success too early in his tenure

“I’ll take my share of the blame” for doing some things to surround Chris Bosh with more, that didn’t work.”

RE: whether he thinks he deserves a new contract or not. “On a win-loss record, no” … But being a strong person in the community and being passionate about what he does should count. There’s more to it than just W-L record. In 16 years in the business he’s over .500 and knows the business inside and out. “I would say though, continuity in this business is pretty important.”
“Can I get better? Sure.”
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