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Originally Posted by MrClutch View Post
ya i heard about that, made me realize what kind of government were dealing with. just dont understand why people are even voting for them
a) harper's main support comes from the west, a.k.a the oil sands due to the lower taxes and the lower focus on "clean" future by his party.

b) harper is a good showman so he is able to wip off any accusations of his(some true and some not) brilliantly, thus fooling even some of the leftists into believing he is the next massiah.

C) liberal support is very low, due to the insignificant sponsership scandal a couple years back and their proposed higher taxes. the reason why people still care about the sponsorship scandal goes back to point b, harper is an excellent showman who does not let the people forget. also people do not see why the higher taxes would be proposed but i for one do. the greater the taxes, the better the social economy. our health care system is in the gutter right now(not federal i know) and one way to fix it is with an injection of money, through taxes, as electrical equipment and modern health related technologies are becoming very expensive. also, liberal leadership has been very weak since the departure of cretien(i think thats how you spell it?) and thus they have not been able to pin harper to all of the conservative scandals, i.e g20 and g8 summits, propsed jet costs(something around 50 billion??) and much more.

D) the NDP party has split the vote in the left part as people have left liberal support. some chose to support the tories while some chose the NDP. they don't have enough support to win the election, but they have just enough to prevent the liberals from winning, leaving the conservatives to rule. and if this election goes as some predict(harper majority) i predict Canada will not vote conservative for the next 30 years after his four year oppresive rule
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