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wait a minute.... you're suggesting that because some people have dug deep to rescue vital agencies it's proof that governments don't have to? really? doesn't that just encourage the free rider problem? doesn't that mean that most people will then contribute nothing? because that's exactly what is happening.
No it means people stepped up, you said they wouldn't

what i argued about free markets vs social safety nets is not at all sensationalism. it's an argument of degrees. reducing it to kicking out babies is sensationalism. the fact is that funding for disabilities, for community agencies, etc has dropped dramatically. there are massive waitlists that we cannot unload because we don't have the staff or the funding. this is not the way it needs to be. and history absolutely does not support you. i'd love to see some real evidence of this, becasue i work in these agencies, and i can promise you that we are in dire straights becasue of funding cuts to essential social programs.
I am in full support of social program support, which is why I am not an anarchist. History does support, how has Socialist societies or old school monarchies treated its people?

what you called conjecture was the argument that supports the thesis. it's not something that follows, it's the nut of the argument. that's like saying i don't agree with the thesis therefore i will ignore the proof. that's logically backwards.
Only if I accept your thesis as
true compassionate conservatism, on a fiscal level, is not a tenable position
is true.

I don't believe it is.
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