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Originally Posted by 'trane View Post
you are arguing for trickle-down economics and the reagan philosophy of tax breaks. the reality of this is that those breaks do not trickle down. they are absorbed as profit, and we have seen it time and time again. take a look at the aftermath of the financial bailouts, which is essentially the same thing - money given by government to save troubled institutions. and once they recover they pay out huge bonuses and nothing goes back into the economy except as conspicuous consumption by the same people that took home the increases.

this is not to say that the bailouts were unnecessary, nor that corporate taxes should be excessively high. rather it suggests that we need to strike a balance there, and as individuals are getting hammered and marginalized people are really suffering at increasing rates, now is not the time to be giving corporate execs more take home pay.

the ndp plan of tax breaks for hiring new employees is an attempt at getting to the bottom of that - giving tax breaks for things that actually do create jobs and redistribute wealth. simply giving that break on gross revenues is wrong-headed, and with serious consequences. i will add that i am not campaigning for the ndp and do not plan to vote tfor them this year. i am merely rebutting your opposition to what they proposed earlier in this thread.

just remember, benzo, that with the financial values that you vote for comes social values too. that's where the insidiousness of the cpc platform lies. and i don't mean soft social values like gay marriage, i mean hard social values like the foundational ecenomic elements of our most vulnerable community members.
1. Was not arguing trickle down eco's, was arguing making doing business in Canada profitable and keeping corporations here. The bailouts are not the same, I would have let those corp's crumble. I want to attract business to Canada. What you are describing sounds alot like when government imposes a temporary tax and it just never goes away. Finally THERE IS NOTHING WRONG WITH PROFIT. NOTHING.

2. 4k for a new hire, ( and we don't even know the parameters around that) is nothing more than lip service, its an irrelevant amount of money. "Small Business" is not mom and pop shops that people picture in their head, like the cute little stores on Bayview, we are talking about companies that can have up to 200 employees. The money can be better spent.

3. I am all for funding groups and services that can't fund themselves and are necessary. I think we should ensure they are properly ,managed and not wasting money, some do. I am not for funding special interests groups that should survive on memberships of its people.
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