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Originally Posted by 'trane View Post
i'm not yelling, i'm debating. are you suggesting that everything churchill said is correct and applicable right now? if that's how you make you political choices, i'd argue you aren't doing much analysis benzo.
Tongue was firmly planted in cheek.

Again I prefer not to be affiliated with a party. The Conservative Party of Canada just happens to be the most closely aligned with my value set.

One thing I wish would be properly debated, and it never is, even by those who are for it, is that the big bad corporate tax cuts are not bad. In fact in some cases they are downright necessary. Everybody has visions of CEO's getting rich, " a tax cut for big business only makes the rich richer" and the truth could not be farther from the truth.

They are for better or worse the corner stone of our economic system. Removing corp tax cuts could be disastrous for small businesses ( I have owned more than one, I am speaking from experience) and then saying you are for "business" by giving a 2% tax break, come on. This is very short sighted.

Its the old paradox of, you could give every homeless person in Toronto a 40k a year salary if you just gave them the money we spend in the system directly. Its a fact. Its short sighted though, because removing the system would put so many people out of work, it becomes uneconomical.

Everything parties like the NDP, Bloc and Green party say is absolutely irrelevant because they know they will never have to live up to the promises, they are empty.

I have heard many people here rag on the C's for the attack ads, without a whisper of the ones going the other way.

Politicians will lie, its fact, not restricted to a party. Elections are dirty, I just prefer to look through all the "fuddle duddle" and look at the pillars the parties are running on.

This time around my support lies with the Conservatives.
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